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About Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof Dr

Dr. Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. She holds a Master of Computer Science from University of Malaya. She received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Malaya. She is currently a researcher at Centre of Quranic Research, University of Malaya. Her research interests include Muslim Information System, visualization of Al-Quran, Human Computer Interaction and Arabic stemming. She has been an invited as a speaker of Innovation & Technology in The Muslim World: An Applied Perspective in Information and Communication Technology during International Seminar & Expo on Muslims' Technology and Innovation on 29 Oct 2002 to 31 Oct 2002. She also has published some papers in journal in her area of research including Visualizing Qur'anic words with parallel plot; Qur'anic Words Stemming; Visualization Systems Supporting the Reading of Arabic Document for non- Arabic Speakers; T-test for Visualizing Frequently Used Arabic Words; and Quantitative Analysis of the words in Surah Al-Muawwidhat. She also has been involved in international conference and be a presenter to Information Visualization for Learning words in the Qur'an; Parallel versus Perpendicular Plots: A Comparative Study; Improving Usability of HTA Charts and many others.


Present Faculty Member, University of Malaya