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The New School Counselor: Strategies for Universal Academic Achievement
  • Rita C. Schellenberg, Liberty University

The New School Counselor provides school administrators and school counselor educators, supervisors, and practitioners with a unified understanding of the new roles and functions of the school counselor. Schellenberg introduces standards blending, a systems-focused, integrated, and student-centered approach that directly and overtly aligns school counseling programs with academic achievement missions. Each chapter includes relevant research, literature, key players, real world applications, and major developments and trends shaping contemporary school counseling in a school reform environment.

The CD that accompanies this text contains the long-awaited comprehensive electronic school counseling data reporting system that is being hailed as innovative, timely, and essential to meeting increasing accountability demands. The School Counseling Operational Plan for Effectiveness (SCOPE) and the School Counseling Operational Report of Effectiveness (SCORE) systematically walk users through accountable programming from conception to evaluation using Microsoft Office. In a click, users can access core academic and school counseling standards, data sources, and pre-formulated worksheets for instantaneous data analysis. SCOPE and SCORE include essential data reporting components for closing the achievement gap action plans and results reports of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), and school accountability initiatives.

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Publication Date
September, 2008
Rowman Littlefield Education
Citation Information
Rita C. Schellenberg. The New School Counselor: Strategies for Universal Academic Achievement. (2008)
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