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Self-Assembly of Heterogeneously Shaped Nanoparticles into Plasmonic Metamolecules on DNA Origami
Chemistry - A European Journal
  • Wenyan Liu
  • Ling Li
  • Shuo Yang
  • Jie Gao, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Risheng Wang, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Fabrication of plasmonic metamolecules (PMs) with rationally designed complexity is one of the major goals of nanotechnology. Most self-assembled PMs, however, have been constructed using single-component systems. The corresponding plasmonic assemblies still suffer from the lack of complexity, which is required to achieve a high degree of functionality. Here, we report a general applicable strategy that can realize a series of high-ordered hetero-PMs using bottom-up DNA self-assembly. DNA-functionalized differently shaped nanoparticles were deliberately arranged in prescribed positions on 3D triangular DNA origami frames to form various hetero-PMs. Importantly, we showed that the optical properties of assembled PMs could be facially tuned by selectively regulating the position of each component. This method provides a promising pathway for manufacturing more complex and advanced materials by integrating diverse nanocomponents with particular properties.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Second Department

This work is supported by University of Missouri Research Board and Material Research Center at Missouri S&T.

Keywords and Phrases
  • DNA nanotechnology,
  • DNA origami,
  • nanoparticles,
  • plasmonic interaction,
  • self-assembly
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Article - Journal
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Wenyan Liu, Ling Li, Shuo Yang, Jie Gao, et al.. "Self-Assembly of Heterogeneously Shaped Nanoparticles into Plasmonic Metamolecules on DNA Origami" Chemistry - A European Journal Vol. 23 Iss. 57 (2017) p. 14177 - 14181 ISSN: 0947-6539
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