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A Study on Personality as Predictor of Dedication Component of Work Engagement
International Journal of Development and Social Research (2013)
  • Ridhi Arora, Assistant Professor

True success of any organization largely depends upon the human resource which is the most potential asset of any organization. Organizations are putting efforts to attract and enhance the level of engagement among their employees. More dedicated the employees are at workplace, more strongly they will be able to contribute towards their organization effectively, thereby leading to high engagement. Recent research has illustrated personality as the suggestive cause of engagement (Simmons, 2010). The paper attempts to explore about personality as predictor of dedication which is one of the significant component of work engagement. To attain the objective, the study made use of two standardized questionnaires. Measurement of personality was done using the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire which was devised by Cattell in 1949 and the measurement of dedication was done using the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (Schaufeli & Bakker, 2003). Analysis and interpretations of the study have been obtained using statistical technique of Multiple Stepwise Regression. For running Multiple Stepwise Regression Analysis the study included dedication as the single dependent variable and five second order personality factors namely extraversion, anxiety, tough poise, independence and superego/ control as the independent variables. The study results depicted that model consisting of superego/ control, independence and tough poise provides the best combination of personality factors as predictor of dedication among the IT sector employees. The paper not only adds to the existing body of research in the area of engagement and personality but also puts an emphasis on the creation of model consisting of personality and dedication which can be utilized by the organizations to well tune and make their hiring and selection process more effective. Key words: Dedication, Engagement, Independence, Personality and Tough poise.

  • Personality factors,
  • employee engagement
Publication Date
Winter 2013
Citation Information
Ridhi Arora. "A Study on Personality as Predictor of Dedication Component of Work Engagement" International Journal of Development and Social Research Vol. 2 Iss. 1 (2013)
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