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Relationships Between Emotional Stability, Psychosocial Mentoring Support and Career Resilience
Europe's Journal of Psychology (2015)
  • Ridhi Arora, Research Scholar
  • Dr. Santosh Rangnekar, Associate Professor

This study empirically investigates the mediating role of psychosocial mentoring support on emotional stability personality disposition and career resilience relationship. In addition, this research also focuses on estimating the interrelationship between emotional stability, psychosocial mentoring support and career resilience. The results show substantive direct relations between emotional stability and psychosocial mentoring as well as between emotional stability and career resilience. Psychosocial mentoring is also seen as a significant predictor of career resilience. Further, it mediates partially the relationship between emotional stability personality and career resilience. Future and practical implications of research have also been provided.

  • Mentoring,
  • personality,
  • careers,
  • career resilience,
  • motivation,
  • psychology
Publication Date
Winter February, 2015
Citation Information
Ridhi Arora and Dr. Santosh Rangnekar. "Relationships Between Emotional Stability, Psychosocial Mentoring Support and Career Resilience" Europe's Journal of Psychology Vol. 11 Iss. 5 (2015)
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