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Dispositional Factors as Determinant of Employee Engagement in IT Sector: A Study in NCR Delhi
Review of HRM (2011)
  • Ridhi Arora, Research Scholar
  • Dr. Bhavana Adhikari, Deputy Dean Academics

In the prevailing competitive environment, engaged employees are viewed as a strategic asset by both academicians and practicing managers alike. Recent research has shown that dispositional factors have a strong impetus on the engagement level of employees; organizations are now putting their thrust to appropriately map the type of personality of employees during hiring and selection process to determine the best role fit and attitude of employees. The purpose of the present study is to explore how dispositional factors act as determinant of employee engagement with special reference to IT Sector where talent retention and engagement has always been the topmost challenge. For the purpose of measurement of dispositional factors, second order factors namely extraversion, anxiety, tough-poise, independence, superego/control were taken as five independent variables while engagement was taken as single dependent variable. The dispositional factors were measured by the 16PF Questionnaire and employee engagement was measured by the Utretch Work Engagement Scale. The present study sought to answer what is the best combination of the dispositional factors which can best determine and predict employee engagement among the employees. The interpretations and findings have been obtained through administration of standardized questionnaires among the IT Sector employees. The study thus, primarily focus on bringing together some of the varied researches with the objective of providing useful insights with respect to understanding of the dispositional factors and employee engagement. Key Words: Commitment, Employee engagement, Extraversion, Personality, Retention.

  • employee engagement,
  • organizational behavior,
  • motivation,
  • personality factors.
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Ridhi Arora and Dr. Bhavana Adhikari. "Dispositional Factors as Determinant of Employee Engagement in IT Sector: A Study in NCR Delhi" Review of HRM (2011)
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