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Raman Spectroscopy of CaTiO3-Based Perovskite Solid Solutions
Journal of Materials Research (2004)
  • H. Zheng, University of Sheffield
  • I.M. Reaney, University of Sheffield
  • G. D.C. Csete de Györgyfalva, University of Sheffield
  • Rick Ubic, Boise State University
  • J. Yarwood, Sheffield Hallam University
  • M. P. Seabra, University of Aveiro
  • V. M. Ferreira, University of Aveiro

Perovskite-structured solid solutions intended for use as microwave dielectric resonators were studied by Raman spectroscopy. Two distinct categories were investigated: (i) simple perovskite–simple perovskite solid solutions, that is, CaTiO3–SrTiO3 (CTST), CaTiO3–CaZrO3 (CTCZ), CaTiO3–NdAlO3 (CTNA), and CaTiO3–LaGaO3 (CTLG); and (ii) simple perovskite–complex perovskite solid solutions, such as CaTiO3–SrMg1/3Nb2/3O3 (CTSMN). In the latter category, the influence of A-site ion radius was also addressed by examining 0.5CaTiO3– 0.5LaMg1/2Ti1/2O3 (0.5CT–0.5LMT), 0.5SrTiO3 (ST)–0.5LMT, and 0.5BaTiO3 (BT)–0.5LMT. Raman data from the end members and solid solutions are compared, paying particular attention to F 2 g and A 1 g mode bands, often associated with ordering of B-site species.

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H. Zheng, I.M. Reaney, G. D.C. Csete de Györgyfalva, Rick Ubic, et al.. "Raman Spectroscopy of CaTiO3-Based Perovskite Solid Solutions" Journal of Materials Research Vol. 19 Iss. 2 (2004)
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