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Hospitality Services –– Eatery Challenges
  • Richie Bloomfield, Western University
The associate director of hospitality services at a large university had to address overcapacity at an on-campus eatery. The eatery was experiencing long lineups and severe bottlenecks, especially at its full-service coffee outlet. Seating capacity was also short of demand, and no additional space was available. The associate director also faced pressure from university administration to consider closing a nearby eatery as a result of its poor profitability, but doing so would put additional strain on the already overcapacity eatery. After examining profitability and completing a corporate assessment, the associate director expected to have a better idea of how to tackle the current capacity and profitability issues.
  • Accounting
Publication Date
Spring March 7, 2016
Citation Information
Richie Bloomfield. "Hospitality Services –– Eatery Challenges" (2016)
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