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Style Inc.: Fine Bespoke Tailoring
  • Richard Bloomfield, Western University
In 2016, the owners of Styles Inc. (Styles), a bespoke tailoring company in Toronto, Canada, needed to decide whether to discontinue the least profitable of the company's seven clothing lines or to increase that clothing line’s retail selling price. Over the previous six years, Styles had been financially successful, and customer retention was a major factor in this success. However, competition was increasing and profits were shrinking. Should the owners drop the clothing line that had the lowest margin or increase its retail selling price? If they chose to increase the price, they would need to decide on the amount of the price increase. The owners wondered whether increasing the price would still enable them to meet their target contribution margin.
  • Accounting,
  • Entrepreneurship
Publication Date
Summer August 22, 2017
Citation Information
Richard Bloomfield. "Style Inc.: Fine Bespoke Tailoring" (2017)
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