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Dexterity: An Indicator of Future Performance in Beginning Welders?
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Conference Proceedings and Posters
  • A. Preston Byrd, Clemson University
  • Richard Stone, Iowa State University
  • Ryan G. Anderson, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
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Western Region American Association for Agricultural Education Conference
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September 23-25, 2014
(19.639994, -155.9969261)
This study examined the use of dexterity to indicate future performance of beginning welders to select participants for welding training programs. With a high demand for welders, it is imperative that welding training programs be efficient, which can be time consuming (Stone, Watts, & Zhong, 2011). The time required to train certified welders is one of the obstacles training programs face. Many occupational fields have tried to predict a student’s future performance before admitting them into a training program by analyzing their dexterous ability. This study utilized the Complete Minnesota Dexterity Test (CMDT) to examine participants’ dexterity during a welding training program. At the end of the training program, participants performed tests welds that were overseen by a certified welding instructor (CWI) who visually inspected each weld. The data from the dexterity tests and the pass/fail rate of the test welds were analyzed using Predictive Analytics SoftWare (PASW) Statistics 18 software package. All three dexterity tests were found to have statistically significant relationships with the visual pass/fail rates of the participants for basic shielded metal arc welds (SMAW). It can be concluded that dexterity can predict future performance of beginning welders completing basic SMAW welds.

This is a conference proceeding from Western Region American Association for Agricultural Education Conference (2014): 136. Posted with permission.

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A. Preston Byrd, Richard Stone and Ryan G. Anderson. "Dexterity: An Indicator of Future Performance in Beginning Welders?" Kona, HI(2014) p. 136 - 148
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