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(Pre-Print) Emphasizing the social aspect of textbook adoption
Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action (2020)
  • Jessica Martinez, University of Idaho
  • Jylisa Doney, University of Idaho
  • Richard A Stoddart
Faculty adoption of open educational resources (OER) has remained low even though previous research demonstrates potential positive outcomes for students and lower costs overall. The social aspect of textbook adoption, which already exists in the traditional textbook adoption process, may be a missing link in OER advocacy. To examine the social aspects of textbook adoption, this chapter reports how faculty selected and used traditional textbooks and the OER landscape on campus. The faculty textbook adoption experiences detailed in this chapter demonstrate how social aspects might inform OER efforts, reaffirm current practices, and advance OER advocacy efforts. (
  • OER,
  • textbook adoption
Publication Date
Spring 2020
Darren Chase and Dana Haugh
ALA Editions
Citation Information
Jessica Martinez, Jylisa Doney and Richard A Stoddart. "(Pre-Print) Emphasizing the social aspect of textbook adoption" ChicagoOpen Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action (2020) p. 171 - 194
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