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Reference Work Changes Lives: Capturing Your Impact
Oregon Reference Summit 2019: Answerland (2019)
  • Dr. Rick A Stoddart, Lane Community College
  • Erin Hvizdak, Washington State University
Libraries often gather data about reference interactions and traditionally categorize these transactions by question type, time spent answering the question, and time of day. Unfortunately, these traditional measures do little to connect to the learning aspect that may occur during these reference encounters. In 2016, the University of Idaho Library piloted a redesigned reference question intake form to more easily map reference transactions to national learning goals including problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. This new form highlighted activities that supported student learning that often were not captured during the reference transaction. In 2018, Washington State University Libraries piloted a similar redesigned form that provided richer data to map to the university learning outcomes and both the libraries’ and university strategic plans. Redesigning your reference in-take form can assist with translating your work into a narrative that aligns with your city, school, or institution’s strategic goals. This presentation will discuss both UI and WSU’s experiences with using their new reference form, and will provide time for attendees to begin brainstorming their own redesigned forms. Attendees will be asked to bring a copy of learning outcomes, a strategic plan, or another planning document from their institution. These improved assessments will allow libraries to better articulate their contribution to desired learning outcomes in the communities they serve, and convey the value reference services have in supporting and enhancing learning with their patrons.
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Publication Date
May 31, 2019
Corvallis, Oregon
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Rick A Stoddart and Erin Hvizdak. "Reference Work Changes Lives: Capturing Your Impact" Oregon Reference Summit 2019: Answerland (2019)
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