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ILA- Information Literacy Lifespan
Idaho Library Association conference (2016)
  • Rick A Stoddart
  • Buffy McDonald
  • Susan Tabor Boesch
  • Jeannie Standal
Idaho libraries support patrons at each stage of their of life from birth to beyond. This presentation will profile what the lifelong information literacy learner looks like in Idaho. Learn how information literacy is a lifelong skill interwoven by building blocks developed in public, school, and academic libraries. What does information literacy look like from the patron perspective and how do libraries help sustain this practice?
Presenters:  Jeannie / Susan (school Libraries), Rick (Academic), Buffy MacDonald (public)
  • information literacy,
  • public libraries,
  • academic libraries,
  • school libraries,
  • information literacy lifespan
Publication Date
October, 2016
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Citation Information
Rick A Stoddart, Buffy McDonald, Susan Tabor Boesch and Jeannie Standal. "ILA- Information Literacy Lifespan" Idaho Library Association conference (2016)
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