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PNLA – Thriving Together as a Region
Oregon Library Association conference (2017)
  • Rick A Stoddart
The Pacific Northwest Library Association is a regional organization bringing together librarians and library staff from all types of libraries and disciplines. PNLA is responsible for PNLA Leads, a biennial leadership institute which to date has trained 196 individuals to be effective leaders from any position in their home libraries and communities. PNLA’s contributions to the region are rounded out by a peer-reviewed online quarterly journal – PNLA Quarterly, and the annual Young Reader’s Choice Award which allows children and teens in the region to choose which books are the best in three divisions. The annual conference each August offers speakers and breakout sessions relating to every facet of library work, from special and academic libraries to programming in public libraries to library design. Join PNLA Vice-President Rick Stoddart and find out how PNLA can help you. 
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Publication Date
April, 2017
Salem, OA
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Rick A Stoddart. "PNLA – Thriving Together as a Region" Oregon Library Association conference (2017)
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