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Capturing Learning in the Library Commons: A Whiteboard Photo-Ethnographic Study
Oregon Library Association (2015)
  • Uta Uta-Hussong-Christian, Oregon State University
  • Rick A Stoddart, University of Idaho
Libraries are increasingly called upon to provide evidence of their contributions to, or impact on, student learning. Whiteboards, which fill many learning spaces, furnish evidence via student-generated visualizations. Librarians at Oregon State University undertook an exploratory, termlong, photo-ethnographic study to determine the types of visualization activities in which students engage to help them learn. Results show differences in visualization activities across discipline groups and suggest the need to design study spaces to accommodate those needs. This study serves as a model for those seeking to identify and convey ways in which learning spaces support and contribute to student learning.
  • whiteboards,
  • learning commons
Publication Date
April, 2015
Citation Information
Uta Uta-Hussong-Christian and Rick A Stoddart. "Capturing Learning in the Library Commons: A Whiteboard Photo-Ethnographic Study" Oregon Library Association (2015)
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