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Interest Groups and the Party Networks: Views From Inside the Beltway
Southern Political Science Association (2004)
  • Richard M. Skinner, Williams College

A series of interviews with interest-group representatives in Washington, DC supports the proposition that many such politically active organizations are members of Democratic or Republican “party networks” – webs of relationships between individuals, groups and party committees. These networks assist candidates, share information and plot strategy. Personnel move between entities within the same network, but not between those in opposing ones. In an atmosphere of polarized parties and narrow margins of control, many interest groups appear to be strengthening their ties to their favored party.

  • party networks,
  • political parties,
  • elections,
  • interest groups
Publication Date
January, 2004
Citation Information
Richard M. Skinner. "Interest Groups and the Party Networks: Views From Inside the Beltway" Southern Political Science Association Vol. Annual Meeting (2004)
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