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Whose Needs are Being Met by Internationalization: Purposes, Players and Aberrations
Audem: International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy (2012)
  • Richard Rodman, SIT Graduate Institute - Study Abroad

Abstract: Internationalization is not neutral. Models of internationalization that focus disproportionately economic and political goals, and not on academic purposes and players, deform education itself. Such education is aberrational. Such values suggest that a focus only on private good and private gain and the university becomes some other kind of an institution. As societies change, and as those who seek higher education change, the specific purposes of higher education may change. Nevertheless, central to any statement of purpose are the learners – not simply the student learners, but also the professors, who are learning themselves through research, reflection, debates with colleagues, interactions with students, and both solitary and collaborative writing, in order to teach and to produce new knowledge. If students and professors are not learning, with the pursuit of knowledge, wherever it leads, as the goal, then the institution in question is concerned with something other than higher education. With internationalization, as with many other facets of higher education, educators must always ask: Whose needs are being met? A metaphor and model is used to capture a sense of internationalization as a force in the nuclear university and as a catalytic additive to the educating community capable of reordering and rearranging institutional variables. At the very least, revisiting concepts and assumptions inherent in widely-accepted views of internationalization in a rapidly changing global and local environment offers educators the opportunity to recognize, refresh and expand perspective.

  • Internationalization,
  • Nuclear University,
  • Higher Education,
  • Stakeholders,
  • Globalization
Publication Date
Winter 2012
Publisher Statement
SUNY Press
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Richard Rodman. "Whose Needs are Being Met by Internationalization: Purposes, Players and Aberrations" Audem: International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy Vol. 3 Iss. 1 (2012)
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