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Brittle Composites Modeling: Compazisons with MoSi2/ZrO2
1993 MRS Fall Meeting (1993)
  • S.P. Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Richard Alan Lesar, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • A. D. Rollett, Los Alamos National Laboratory
We have calculated the mechanical properties of brittle composites with spring-network (SN) model. The composites that we studied involve the transformation toughening effects and the accompanying micro-cracking. Our simulation results are consistent with experiments of MoSi2 toughened with ZrO2. By monitoring the stress changes due to the transformation and micro-cracking we are able to separate, for the first time, the contributions from these two competing effects. We also found that the fracture toughness of the composite increases as the modulus, interfacial cohesion of particle increases.
Publication Date
November, 1993
This conference proceedings is from MRS Proceedings 322 (1994): 229, doi:10.1557/PROC-322-229. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
S.P. Chen, Richard Alan Lesar and A. D. Rollett. "Brittle Composites Modeling: Compazisons with MoSi2/ZrO2" 1993 MRS Fall Meeting (1993)
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