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Location of melting point at 300 K of nitrogen by Monte Carlo simulation
Journal of Chemical Physics (1990)
  • Evert Jan Meijer
  • Daan Frenkel
  • Richard Alan Lesar, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Anthony J.C. Ladd
We present an accurate new method to compute absolute free energies of molecular solids by computer simulations. As a first application, we computed the thermodynamicphase transition between the fluid phase and the orientational disordered solid β phase of nitrogen at 300 K, using a well tested pair potential. The computed coexistence pressure and the volume change coincides within the error margins with the experimental values. The coexistence volume differed by 2% from the experimental value. To our knowledge these results constitutes the first numerical calculation of the thermodynamic stability for a model of a realistic molecular solid.
  • molecular solids,
  • computer simulation,
  • disordered solids,
  • free energy,
  • melting
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Evert Jan Meijer, Daan Frenkel, Richard Alan Lesar and Anthony J.C. Ladd. "Location of melting point at 300 K of nitrogen by Monte Carlo simulation" Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 92 (1990)
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