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Intramolecular Exchange of Coordinated and Dangling Phosphine Groups in Pentacarbonyl[(diphenylphosphino)(di-p-tolylphosphino)methane]tungsten(0)
  • Richard L. Keiter
  • Deliang Chen
  • Geoffrey A. Holloway, Cedarville University
  • Ellen A. Keiter
  • Yi Zang
  • M. Todd Huml
  • Jonathan Filley
  • Douglas E. Brandt
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Equilibrium constants and rates have been determined for the isomerization of the linkage isomers (OC)5W[κ1-PPh2CH2P(p-tolyl)2] (5) and (OC)5W[κ1-P(p-tolyl)2CH2PPh2] (6). It is proposed that this intramolecular exchange involves a nucleophilic attack of the pendant phosphine on a cis carbonyl group, followed by ring opening and a 1,2-shift.

Citation Information
Richard L. Keiter, Deliang Chen, Geoffrey A. Holloway, Ellen A. Keiter, et al.. "Intramolecular Exchange of Coordinated and Dangling Phosphine Groups in Pentacarbonyl[(diphenylphosphino)(di-p-tolylphosphino)methane]tungsten(0)" Organometallics Vol. 31 Iss. 12 (2012) p. 4619 - 4622
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