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Kinetic and Structural Characterization of Manganese(II)-Loaded Methionyl Aminopeptidases
  • Ventris M. D'Souza, Utah State University
  • Sabina I. Swierczek, Utah State University
  • Nathaniel J. Cosper, University of Georgia
  • Lu Meng, Utah State University
  • Shane Ruebush, Utah State University
  • Alicja J. Copik, Utah State University
  • Robert A. Scott, University of Georgia
  • Richard C. Holz, Marquette University
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Manganese(II) activation of the methionyl aminopeptidases from Escherichia coli (EcMetAP-I) and the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus (PfMetAP-II) was investigated. Maximum catalytic activity for both enzymes was obtained with 1 equiv of Mn(II), and the dissociation constants (Kd) for the first metal binding site were found to be 6 ± 0.5 and 1 ± 0.5 μM for EcMetAP-I and PfMetAP-II, respectively. These Kd values were verified by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and found to be 3.0 ± 0.2 and 1.4 ± 0.2 μM for EcMetAP-I and PfMetAP-II, respectively. The hydrolysis of MGMM was measured in triplicate between 25 and 85 °C at eight substrate concentrations ranging from 2 to 20 mM for PfMetAP-II. Both specific activity and Km values increased with increasing temperature. An Arrhenius plot was constructed from the kcat values and was found to be linear over the temperature range 25−85 °C. The activation energy for the Mn(II)-loaded PfMetAP-II hydrolysis of MGMM was found to be 25.7 kJ/mol while the remaining thermodynamic parameters calculated at 25 °C are ΔG⧧ = 50.1 kJ/mol, ΔH⧧ = 23.2 kJ/mol, and ΔS⧧ = −90.2 J·mol-1·K-1.

Biochemistry, Vol. 41, No. 43 (October 4, 2002): 13096-13105. DOI.

Richard Holz was affiliated with the Utah State University at the time of publication.

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Ventris M. D'Souza, Sabina I. Swierczek, Nathaniel J. Cosper, Lu Meng, et al.. "Kinetic and Structural Characterization of Manganese(II)-Loaded Methionyl Aminopeptidases" Biochemistry (2002) ISSN: 0006-2960
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