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A Lawyer's Look at the Science of Global Climate Change
World Climate Change Report (2009)
  • Richard O. Faulk
  • John S. Gray
Whether human-induced global climate change is – or is not – a scientific reality, and whether it will – or will not – ultimately transform the planet into a less hospitable place for humanity, our task as lawyers is not to “change the world,” or “save the planet,” but to address and resolve the legal problems of persons who primarily retain us not for our politics, but for our prowess. If our discussion of the basic science of climate change assists readers in that process, it will have accomplished its purpose – irrespective of whether Nature’s threats prove real or merely imagined.
Publication Date
March 10, 2009
Citation Information
Richard O. Faulk and John S. Gray. "A Lawyer's Look at the Science of Global Climate Change" World Climate Change Report Vol. 44 (2009)
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