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Handbook of phase change: Boiling and condensation
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  • S. Kandlikar
  • V. K. Dhir
  • Y. Iida
  • Richard H. Heist, Fairfield University

Editors: S. Kandlikar and V.K. Dhir

Contributing authors: Y. Iida, Richard Heist

Document Type
Book Contribution

Richard Heist is a contributing author (with Y. Iida), "Homogeneous nucleation of liquids."

Book description:

Provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic phenomena. It contains twenty-five chapters which cover different aspects of boiling and condensation. First the specific topic or phenomenon is described, followed by a brief survey of previous work, a phenomenological model based on current understanding, and finally a set of recommended design equations or correlations. Detailed references are listed at the end of each chapter for further reading.

Publication Date
Publication Information

Y. Iida and R.H. Heist. (1999). Homogeneous nuclation of liquids. In S. Kandlikar and V.K. Dhir (Eds.), Handbook of phase change: Boiling and condensation (pp. 109-115). CRC Press.


Copyright 1999 Taylor & Francis

Citation Information
S. Kandlikar, V. K. Dhir, Y. Iida and Richard H. Heist. "Handbook of phase change: Boiling and condensation" (1999)
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