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Managing Scarce Resources in Training Projects
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  • Richard D. Busby, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • James J. Goldsmith, Accenture
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Book Chapter
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  • instructional design,
  • manage,
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  • management,
  • training,
  • project

Every training organization has a limited amount of people, time and/or money available to complete a project, and this limited resource availability undoubtedly will affect the scope and success of projects the organization undertakes. Busby and Goldsmith discuss the knowledge and skills thing in the instructional design field will need to successfully address these circumstances. The authors begin the chapter by defining what they mean by "resources" and "resource scarcity," and then go on to describe how resource availability and the scope of a project affect one another. They then discuss such basic economic concepts as supply and demand and the economic cycle, factors that have a profound influence on resource availability. The authors then conclude by providing strategies a training manager can adopt to address the problems presented by resource scarcity.


Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology: Chapter 13

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Citation Information
Busby, R. and Goldsmith, J. "Managing Scarce Resources in Training Projects." Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology, 2nd Edition. Allyn & Bacon, a Pearson Education imprint. 2007.