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Internships in Natural Resources: 15 Years of Positive Results
Conference on University Education in Natural Resources
  • Rich Etchberger, Utah State University
Cheatham 317
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Start Date
3-27-2010 2:30 PM
End Date
3-27-2010 3:00 PM
Since 1995, I have administered the internship program in Natural Resources at the Uintah Basin Regional Campus of Utah State University. During that time, nearly 100 students have participated in the program. To date, 100% of program participants have been successful in seeking jobs in natural resources. My objectives are to outline the model I have used for this internship program, to describe a few examples of partnerships that have contributed to the program’s success, and to review student projects. I believe that one of the keys to the success of this program has been the partnerships forged with natural resource management agencies. These partnerships have led to funding that supports students as they work in real‐world management situations with agency personnel. All interns have been paid realistic wages as part of their experience. This is critical in an area where students can earn over $20.00/hour by working in the energy extraction industry. It is also important that the program have positive contributions for the funding agenies and Utah State University. Recently, I began to evaluate the long‐term impacts of this program on students, participating natural resource management agencies, and Utah State University. I will provide examples of how this program has had positive impacts on everyone involved. Finally, I will present information on the future of this program.
Citation: Etchberger, R. 2010. Interships in natural resources: 15 years of positive results. UENR Biennial Conference, Session Making it Real - Service, Learning, and Internships, Paper Number 4.
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Rich Etchberger. "Internships in Natural Resources: 15 Years of Positive Results" (2010)
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