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Fragmentation and performance: the Indian case
Commonwealth & Comparative Politics (2010)
  • riccardo pelizzo

While previous studies investigated the transformation of the Indian party system from a predominant party system to a highly fragmented multi-party system, less attention has been paid to the political consequences of this change. By analysing an original dataset, this paper investigates how the fragmentation of the Indian party system has affected the stability of Indian legislatures, their ability to legislate, and the quality of the law-making process. Our analyses reveal that as fragmentation increased, legislatures became more unstable, produced lower amounts of legislation, and the quality of the law making process declined. The paper further suggests that these changes may be the reason why Indian voters lost confidence in Parliament.

  • India,
  • fragmentation,
  • party system
Publication Date
July 5, 2010
Citation Information
riccardo pelizzo. "Fragmentation and performance: the Indian case" Commonwealth & Comparative Politics Vol. 48 Iss. 3 (2010)
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