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Unpublished Paper
organization, mandate, performance: PACs in the Asian region
  • riccardo pelizzo
  • sruti bandyopadhyay

the paper investigates the organization, the mandate and the performance of public accounts committees in Asia. The evidence presented here can easily be summarized in the following terms: PACs from Asia are bigger, better staffed and more likely to be chaired by an opposition MP than PACs in the rest of the world. These three characteristics are offset by the fact that in Asian PACs opposition parties are not represented nearly as well as they are in the rest of the world. In terms of mandate, PACs in Asia have on average a much wider mandate than they do elsewhere. In terms of activity, the data collected by WBI in collaboration with CPA suggest that PACs in Asia hold more meetings and hearings, but conclude fewer inquiries and, as a result, produce fewer reports

  • public accounts,
  • legislative oversight,
  • governance,
  • asia
Publication Date
July 22, 2013
Citation Information
riccardo pelizzo and sruti bandyopadhyay. "organization, mandate, performance: PACs in the Asian region" (2013)
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