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Party Positions or party direction?
West European Politics (2003)
  • riccardo pelizzo

The use .f the party manifesto data (PMD) to identqy parties’ position in the political space provida a rather distorted picture of the Italian party syJlern. Three possible explanations fbr this are explored, namely that the Italian party system is exceptional, that there are jlaws in [he data and there might be flaws in the methodology. The article argues that none of these explanations is jully satisJuctory and advances the hypothesis that the PMD left-right scores do not indicate parties’ posilions but instead indicate parties’ direction, that is how (and how much) parlies move to adjusl to changing political conditions und to remain competitive. Statistical analyses, pet-formed to tesl the validity of the directional interpretation qf the leji-right .scores, support this new interpretation.

  • political parties,
  • party positions,
  • party direction,
  • political space
Publication Date
April, 2003
Citation Information
riccardo pelizzo. "Party Positions or party direction?" West European Politics Vol. 26 Iss. 2 (2003)
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