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Introductory lecture on Baer rings
Algebra Seminar
  • Ricardo Enrique Carrera, Nova Southeastern University
Presenter Bio

Dr. Ricardo Carrera is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Nova Southeastern University.

His research interests include the area of ordered algebraic structures and focuses on lattice-ordered groups, topology, category theory and frame-theory, as well as number theory and cryptography.

Current research includes:

  • Investigating the complex taxonomy of W-hull classes
  • Investigating the algebraic properties of frames
  • Completeness conditions for an Archimedean lattice-ordered group
Date of Event
September 17, 2010
Nova Southeastern University, Mailman-Hollywood Building, 4th floor
Citation Information
Ricardo Enrique Carrera. "Introductory lecture on Baer rings" (2010)
Available at: