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Conceptualizing Government-Organized Non-Governmental Organizations
Journal of Civil Society (2019)
  • Reza Hasmath, University of Alberta
  • Timothy Hildebrandt, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Jennifer YJ Hsu, University of New South Wales
This article offers a conceptual framework to identify and analyze the contemporary behavior of the paradoxical government-organized, non-governmental organization (GONGO). We discuss how GONGOs’ activities fit within mainstream civil society theories and traditions. Furthermore, we compare and analyze GONGOs and NGOs in terms of their sources of power, main activities and functions, and dilemmas. Finally, we theorize the effects, and implications, the growth of GONGOs has on state and society relations globally.
  • Government-organized non-governmental organization (GONGO),
  • NGO functions and activities,
  • civil society theory,
  • state-society relations
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Citation Information
Hasmath, R., Hildebrandt, T. and Hsu, J.Y.J. (2019) "Conceptualizing Government-Organized Non-Governmental Organizations", Paper Presented at Journal of Civil Society 15.