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‘Going Out’ or Staying In? The Expansion of Chinese NGOs in Africa
Development Policy Review (2016)
  • Jennifer YJ Hsu, University of Alberta
  • Timothy Hildebrandt, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Reza Hasmath, University of Oxford
This article examines the overseas behaviour of Chinese non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in two African nations, Ethiopia an Malawi, with varying political regime types. Our inding suggest that, irrespective of regime type, Chinese NGOs have yet to make a substantial impact in either nation. We argue that, espite the strength o the Chinese state an high level of international development assistance given, domestic politics and regulatory frameworks in host nations still matter a great deal. Our study suggests that the Chinese model of international development will continue to be one in which temporary one-off projects are favoured; and, insofar as social organisations will play a role, they will be in the domain of government-organised NGOs rather than grassroots NGOs.
  • NGO,
  • Regulation,
  • Regime Type,
  • China,
  • Africa,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Malawi
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Citation Information
Hsu, J., Hildebrandt, T. and Hasmath, R. (2016) “‘Going Out’ or Staying In? The Expansion of Chinese NGOs in Africa”, Development Policy Review 34(3): 423-439.