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Mössbauer Effect in 57Fe in Copper and the Spin‐Compensated State
Journal of Applied Physics
  • B. B. Schwartz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • D. J. Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Richard B. Frankel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • N. A. Blum, NASA Electronic Research Center
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The results of Mössbauer experiments on dilute Fe in Cu in high external magnetic fields (42–146 kOe) are presented here as evidence for significant destruction of the spin‐compensated state by a magnetic field for which μH0∼kTK, where kTK is on the order of the energy change associated with the formation of the spin‐compensated state.

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B. B. Schwartz, D. J. Kim, Richard B. Frankel and N. A. Blum. "Mössbauer Effect in 57Fe in Copper and the Spin‐Compensated State" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 39 Iss. 2 (1968) p. 698 - 699
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