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Magnetite in Freshwater Magnetotactic Bacteria
  • Richard B. Frankel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Richard P. Blakemore, University of New Hamsphire
  • Ralph S. Wolfe, University of Illinois
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A previously undescribed magnetotactic spirillum isolated from a freshwater swamp was mass cultured in the magnetic as well as the nonmagnetic state in chemically defined culture media. Results of Mössbauer spectroscopic analysis applied to whole cells identifies magnetite as a constituent of these magnetic bacteria.
Citation Information
Richard B. Frankel, Richard P. Blakemore and Ralph S. Wolfe. "Magnetite in Freshwater Magnetotactic Bacteria" Science Vol. 203 Iss. 4387 (1979) p. 1355 - 1356
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