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Far Infrared Absportion of Fe(2+) in KMgF3
Solid State Communication
  • R. B. Frankel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • C. R. Abeledo, Observatorio Nacional de Fisica Cosmica - Argenitna
  • A. Misetich, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica - Argentina
Publication Date
Far infrared absorption in cubic KMgF3 doped with Fe2+ is reported . A line is observed at 87cm−1, which is assigned to the (Γ5g → Γ3g, Γ4g) transition in the Fe2+. The reduction in the spin-orbit coupling from the free ion value has been predicted by Ham, Schwarz and O'Brien.
Citation Information
R. B. Frankel, C. R. Abeledo and A. Misetich. "Far Infrared Absportion of Fe(2+) in KMgF3" Solid State Communication Vol. 12 Iss. 11 (1973) p. 1147 - 1148
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