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Birefringence Determination of Magnetic Moments of Magnetotactic Bacteria
Biophysical Journal
  • Charles Rosenblatt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • F. F. Torres de Araujo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Richard B. Frankel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Publication Date
A birefringence technique is used to determine the average magnetic moments of magnetotactic bacteria in culture. Differences in are noted between live and dead bacteria, as well as between normal density and high density samples of live bacteria.
Citation Information
Charles Rosenblatt, F. F. Torres de Araujo and Richard B. Frankel. "Birefringence Determination of Magnetic Moments of Magnetotactic Bacteria" Biophysical Journal Vol. 40 Iss. 1 (1982) p. 83 - 85
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