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IPv6 and Spam
Proceedings of the 2009 MIT Spam Conference (2009)
  • Peter Kosik
  • Patrik Ostrihon
  • Reza Rajabiun, York University
Implementation of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) appears necessary for further growth and development of integrated communications networks. However, this important enhancement to the Internet Protocol has failed to gain widespread acceptance. This paper highlights that the persistence and sophistication of spam reduces incentives to deploy IPv6. The analysis suggests that IPv6 adoption will erode the efficiency of antispam mechanisms that classify communications based on the reputation of its senders and will require an increased emphasis on content filtering.
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Peter Kosik, Patrik Ostrihon and Reza Rajabiun. "IPv6 and Spam" Proceedings of the 2009 MIT Spam Conference (2009)
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