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Multilevel governance and broadband infrastructure development: Evidence from Canada
Telecommunications Policy (2013)
  • Reza Rajabiun, Ryerson University
  • Catherine Middleton, Ryerson University
This paper investigates the contributions of digital infrastructure policies of provincial governments in Canada to the development of broadband networks. Using measurements of broadband network speeds between 2007 and 2011, the paper analyzes potential causes for observed differences in network performance growth across the provinces, including geography, Internet use intensity, platform competition, and provincial broadband policies. The analysis suggests provincial policies that employed public sector procurement power to open access to essential facilities and channeled public investments in Internet backbone infrastructure were associated with the emergence of relatively high quality broadband networks. However, a weak essential facilities regime and regulatory barriers to entry at the national level limit the scope for decentralized policy solutions.
  • Federalism,
  • Telecommunications policy,
  • Broadband networks,
  • Essential facilities
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Reza Rajabiun and Catherine Middleton. "Multilevel governance and broadband infrastructure development: Evidence from Canada" Telecommunications Policy (2013)
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