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Regulating Risks of Nanotechnologies for Water Treatment
  • Reut Snir
Editors’ Summary: Commercialization of nanotechnologies for water treatment prior to careful study of their potential risks may put human health and our limited freshwater resources at risk. In this Article, Reut Snir explores the risks surrounding regulating nanotechnologies for water treatment. She analyzes the gaps in the current legislative and regulatory framework managing nano-based applications for water treatment, focusing specifically on EPA’s tools for collecting environmental health and safety information. She suggests ways in which EPA can oversee the development of such technologies within its existing authorities, highlighting short-term possibilities to achieve more with less. She acknowledges, however, that in some cases current authorities are simply inadequate for the task.
  • Nanotechnologies,
  • Environmental Regulation,
  • Sceintific Uncertainty,
  • Water Treatment
Publication Date
Spring April, 2008
Citation Information
Reut Snir. "Regulating Risks of Nanotechnologies for Water Treatment" ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER NEWS & ANALYSIS Vol. 38 (2008)
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