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Abecedarium Anthology: The Cambridge Introduction to Edward W. Said
boundary 2 online (2015)
  • Reshmi Mukherjee, Boise State University
Connor McCarthy presents a crisp and detailed overview of Edward W. Said’s life, scholarship, interdisciplinary training, and critical thought processes, for the novice readers of his works. Additionally, the use of simple language and lucid sentence construction has the potential to attract audiences from non-literary backgrounds as well. These readers may be interested in knowing what Michael Sprinker called “the very ideal of the cosmopolitan intellectual that remains so central to the humanities’ self-image to this day.”<sup>1</sup> Therefore this book is unlike most critical enquiry of Said’s works in that it caters to readers across disciplinary boundaries.
Publication Date
February 25, 2015
Citation Information
Reshmi Mukherjee. "Abecedarium Anthology: The Cambridge Introduction to Edward W. Said" boundary 2 online (2015)
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