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A Bird in the Bush: Pathfinders as a Tool for the Development of Multiliteracies
Library 2.0 International Conference (2011)
  • Renee' C. Lyons
At Caldwell Community College, Developmental Reading students are introduced to literacy concepts through the means of a popular literary novel, such as Kathryn Stockett’s The Help.  The library (learning resource center) works with the developmental reading program by preparing research topics for the novel as well as an associated “Pathfinder.”  The Pathfinder serves to:

  1. Provide sources for the student research topics in multiple formats;
  2. Teach students information literacy precepts, such as:  where to find, how to find, how to evaluate.
  3. Lead the student to sources which will assist with digital production products and/or the use of Web 2.0 tools, such as wikis.
Accordingly, this session will demonstrate:

  1. the Pathfinder (including sources of varying formats) created for The Help;
  2. the instruction provided in association  with the Pathfinder;
  3. the digital stories created by students in association with the reading of The Help and the use of the associated Pathfinder; and
  4. the student wiki which makes reference to Pathfinder sources and/or the research process.
  • pathfinders,
  • community colleges
Publication Date
October, 2011
Abstract available by the Library 2.0 International Conference.
Citation Information
Renee' C. Lyons. "A Bird in the Bush: Pathfinders as a Tool for the Development of Multiliteracies" Library 2.0 International Conference (2011)
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