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Foreign-Born American Patriots: Sixteen Volunteer Leaders in the Revolutionary War
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  • Reneé Critcher Lyons, East Tennesee State University
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"This book presents profiles of sixteen individuals born and raised in countries other than America who voluntarily joined the revolutionary cause. Each profile discusses personal experiences that influenced the volunteer leader's decision to fight for the fledgling country, the sacrifices endured for the benefit of the Revolutionary Cause, and the unique talents each contributed to the war effort." --OCLC WorldCat Contents: Global citizen "adopts" America: zealous Philip Mazzei -- Farmer of thoughts: Thomas Paine -- Haym Salomon: financial hero -- Frontier savior: patriot Francis Salvador -- "I serve the country for nothing": the indestructible John Barry, father of the American navy -- Dunkirk pirate: the exploits of Gustavus Conyngham -- Going in harm's way: the adventures of John Paul Jones -- The versatile, yet forgotten, George Farragut -- Charting his own course: the life of Pierce Butler -- Thaddeus Kościuszko: prince of tolerance -- The daring and dastardly Charles Armand -- Hungarian Hussar Michael Kovats -- Sacrifical warrior Baron Johann de Kalb -- Thunderbolt of war: Count Casimir Pulaski -- Washington's one-man army: Peter Francisco -- The revolutionary pedagogy of drillmaster Baron Friedrich Wiilhelm von Steuben.
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Reneé Critcher Lyons. Foreign-Born American Patriots: Sixteen Volunteer Leaders in the Revolutionary War. Jefferson, NC(2014)
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