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Sedentarization, Demography, and Neolithic Architecture
  • Rene Hirsch

In the Levant, sedentarization and the introduction of agriculture have had two direct consequences: an unprecedented demographic growth and the birth of architecture. The first architectural steps were taken by the Natufians, the first communities to have attempted to control their food production by storing wild cereals.

The architectural vestiges of Neolithic populations show how they translated into space the norms and values they had inherited from their nomadic past. Through their architectural expression we can discover a few features of their social organization.

Excerpts from The Masculine Civilization by Rene Hirsch

  • gender and sedentarization,
  • Natufian,
  • Neolithic architecture,
  • nomadism,
  • spirits and infanticide,
  • Neolithic Revolution,
  • agriculture and domestication,
  • matrilineal lineages,
  • demographic growth,
  • pit-houses,
  • Levant
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Rene Hirsch. "Sedentarization, Demography, and Neolithic Architecture" (2013)
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