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Ebony Male
  • Reinette F. Jones, University of Kentucky

Ebony Male was a not-for-profit organization of gay men, primarily of African descent. The group existed for at least five years providing programs and events, and financial contributions to LGBTQ organizations, as well as the Fayette County Health Department AIDS Medication Fund.

E-Male 1998: It was one of the many African American LGBTQ groups in Lexington that is now defunct. The group was listed as “a social group for African American men and friends” in Damron Men’s Travel Guide 2002, p.343. Another description of the group was included in a 2005 publication, “Finding that there was no space or organizational vehicle for reaching African-American MSM groups, Lexington [HIV] prevention specialists began Ebony Male (E-Male) as a social group model for communicating prevention and providing peer support for safer behavior.” - p.9 in 2005 Kentucky HIV/AIDS Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need by the UK College of Public Health, Jeff Jones and Sharmi Ray.

  • Ebony Male,
  • Gay men,
  • LGBTQ,
  • Fayette County,
  • Fayette County Health Department AIDS Medication Fund
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From Jeff Jones Papers
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Reinette F. Jones. "Ebony Male" (2015)
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