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Negro Review (Drag Show) 2
  • Reinette F. Jones, University of Kentucky

Unnamed drag queens of the 1930s performing in the "Negro Review" at Woodland Park Auditorium in Lexington, KY.

During the 1930s, there were all African American male shows held at the Woodland Park Auditorium in Lexington, KY. The shows were called the Negro Review. “Drag show” is a fairly recent term. In the 1930s, the shows were a form of minstrel and vaudeville entertainment. It has been said that Sweet Evening Breeze was a performer in the Negro Review where he did the “Dance of the Bongo Bangoes.”

  • drag queen,
  • Negro Review,
  • Woodland Park Auditorium,
  • Lexington,
  • Kentucky
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From University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center
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Reinette F. Jones. "Negro Review (Drag Show) 2" (2015)
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