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Attitudes to information technology in health care professions
ECIS 2009 Proceedings
  • Regis Meissonier, Montpellier Business School
  • Emmanuel Houze, Montpeliier II University
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The purpose of this paper is to explore attitudes towards IT among various categories of health care staff; health care professions. We will identify problem areas that may be the reasons for why different attitudes among different professions at a healthcare organisation exist, and subsequently we will analyse how this may have impact on how to make sense of IT use. The research question is: What factors may explain differences regarding attitudes to IT among different professions in a health care organisation? The paper reports from a particular study of the “NU” healthcare organisation in west Sweden. The results reveal two main problem areas: i) the infrastructural and; ii) the socio-organisational. These are discussed as analytical implications for bridging the gaps between different professions in health care organisations.
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Regis Meissonier and Emmanuel Houze. "Attitudes to information technology in health care professions" (2009)
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