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Latino Performance in Rural Public Schools: Grades 3,6,12
Hispanic Behavioral Science (1995)
  • Refugio I. Rochin
  • Steve Hampton, University of Arizona
  • Javier Ekboir

Using multiple regression analysis, we compare non-Latino vs Latino test scores in rural school districts (grades 3,6,12) to determine the "effects" of Latino concentration, English proficiency, socio-economic status and school funding. We find relatively better test results for Latinos as Latino concentration increases. We provide theoretical hypothesis for more study.

  • Latino,
  • Rural,
  • Education,
  • Performance Tests,
  • Cultural Deficiency Theories
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Citation Information
Refugio I. Rochin, Steve Hampton and Javier Ekboir. "Latino Performance in Rural Public Schools: Grades 3,6,12" Hispanic Behavioral Science Vol. 17 (1995)
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