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American Demographics: Focus on Latinas/os (Course Project)
  • Refugio I. Rochin

This is a course project providing a general introduction to American demographics with special emphasis on Chicanos and Latinos within the United States. The course examines the Census Bureau’s data base and questions of Chicano/Latino identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity, native-born and alien residents, gender and age distributions of Latinos, senior citizens, immigrant conditions, geographic segregation and concentrations. On the practical side, the attached report helps students increase their interest in demographics and should be helpful as they address questions of Chicana/o and Latina/o ethnic identity and U.S. methods for collecting data on race, ethnicity, gender, age, geographic dispersion and more. The course also covers state and federal data collection, official websites, and methods for projecting changes in the population.

  • Demographics,
  • Demography,
  • Latinas/os,
  • Migrants,
  • Education,
  • Identity
Publication Date
Fall December, 2007
Citation Information
Refugio I. Rochin. "American Demographics: Focus on Latinas/os (Course Project)" (2007)
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