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About Refugio I. Rochin

Brief BIO of
Professor Emeritus, U.C. Davis
• My primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness of programs and policies that improve educational opportunities for under-represented groups, socio-economic conditions for all, and community well-being. To achieve my goal, I engage in teaching, applied research, public speaking, and service through various organizations.
• Full-Professor in three disciplines: Sociology, Agricultural Economics, and Chicano/Latino Studies. Developed new academic programs and curriculum, including the MS degree programs in Community Development and International Agricultural Development (at UC Davis), the BA degree program in Chicana/o Studies (at UC Davis); and drafted plans for Latino Studies at Michigan State University and The University of Notre Dame.
• Former Program Administrator of the Ford Foundation and member of the Nobel Laureate team of Dr. Norman Borlaug, known for "The Green Revolution in Asia". Developed research on peasant systems, diffusion and adoption of innovations, & income generation.
• Team member of consultant teams and advisor to USDA, USAID/State Department and international organizations, for economic development projects and programs.
Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics & Chicana/o Studies; Academic Coordinator, American Economic Association Summer Training Program, University of New Mexico (2010-2013); Retired Director of Research & Evaluation, UC Santa Cruz; Principal Investigator, UC Experiment Station and Giannini Foundation; Former Executive Director of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Latinos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS); Founding Director, Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives; First Permanent Director, Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University; Chairperson, Chicano Studies; Technical Advisor & Global Consultant; Board Member; Keynote Speaker; Hispanic Business list of nation's most influential Hispanics; and Mentor.
Dr. Rochin has consulted & researched in Africa, Asia, Middle East & Latin America and published over 140 articles in professional journals, books and government reports ranging from topics of international development, the diffusion and adoption of new technology, the effectiveness and applications of new programs and projects, and the changing demographics within the United States.
Selection of Recent Books & Monographs:
• Immigration and Ethnic Communities: A Focus on Latinos, 1996, (Editor) Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, 126 pages.
• Latinos and Economic Development in California. 1999 (with Elias Lopez & Enrique Ramirez) California Research Bureau, Monograph CRB-99-008, 54 pages.
• Mexicanization of Rural California. 1999 (with Elaine Allensworth) Monograph of The Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, 101 pages.

• Voices of a New Chicana/o History, 2000, (Editor with Dionicio “Dennis”. Valdes) Michigan State University Press.
• California State University Faculty: 1985 to 2001. 2003 (with Elias Lopez) California Research Bureau, Monograph CRB 03-006, 78 pages.
• U.S. Latino Patriots: From the American Revolution to Iraq-an Overview. 2005 e-Book (with Lionel. Fernandez)
Selection of Recent Book Chapters:
• Rochin, Refugio I. Rural Latinos: An Assessment of Evolving Conditions, Chap.6 in Economic Status of the Hispanic Population, Marie Mora and Alberto Davila, Editors, Information Age Publishing 2013.
• Jorge Chapa, Rogelio Saenz, Refugio I. Rochin. “Latinos and the Changing Demographic Fabric of the Rural Midwest,” in Apple Pie and Enchiladas: Latino Newcomers in the Rural Midwest (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2004).
• Refugio I. Rochin, Alex Santana: “In the Aftermath of September 11, 2001, and the Homeland Security Act of 2002: Implications for Midwest Latinos.” (pp. 123-138), in: La Causa: Civil Rights, Social Justice and the Struggle for Equality in the Midwest. (Univ. of Houston, Arte Publico Press, 2004).
Selection of Recent Articles:
• Rochin, Refugio I. & Stephen F. Mello (Oct. 2007) “Latinos in Science: Trends and Opportunities,” Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Vol. 6 No. 4, SAGE publications, pp. 305-055. See abstract:
• Rochin, Refugio I. (2003) “Natural Transitions: How a social scientist came to work with natural scientists!” Next Wave, AAAS,
• Rochin & Allensworth, Summer 2005, “The Mexicanization of Rural California,” Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Vol.1(4)
• Rochín, Refugio I. (Dr.) and Danny W. Layne. 2006, “Migrant Workers in Michigan: 1969 Field Notes” JSRI Occasional Paper #61. The Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
• Rochin, Refugio I. & Stephen Mello, “Latinos in Science: Trends & Opportunities,” Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Vol.6 No. 4 October 2007 Sage Publications, pp. 305-355.
As the Founding Director of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives I established the Smithsonian National Board for Latino Initiatives, initiated the acclaimed Latino Virtual Gallery, and sponsored traveling exhibitions of national renown, including:
• Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. (Co-sponsor with Actor Edward James Olmos)
• Young Americanos: photographic images of by Latino youth. Rochin was Research Curator for Young Americanos exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution, 2001.
• Ritmos de Identidad: the story of Afro-Latino music. (Project Director)
• Santos: Substance and Soul, a view of technology for conserving religious artifacts.
• Corridos Sin Fronteras, Mexican histories and ballads of the Southwest.
• El Rio Bravo: Environment, Culture and Life Along the Border. (Co-sponsor)
• Beyond the Maine: A Pictorial View of Havana, just before the War of 1898.
Consultant (C), Team Leader (TL), and Principal Investigator (PI):
• Fall 2014 Mozambique – CNFA-USAID, Farmer to Farmer Plans for Business & Marketing (C)
• Fall 2012: Kenya – CNFA-USAID, Chain Value Planning & Resource Development, volunteer w/Kenya Leather Development Council (C)
• Fall 2010: Ghana - Wenchi, ACDI-VOCA, Chain Value Marketing & Regional Development (C).
2005-2010 Mexico, “Foreign Affairs Institute,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (C)
1997 & 1998 Argentina, "Assessment of Agro-Industrial Potential in Entre Rios Province," MERCOSUR Trade Region. MSU Agricultural Economics. (PI)
Spring 1994 South Korea/ Rotary Club; "Professional Exchange Program"(Scholar)
Summer 1992 West Bank and Gaza/US State Dept. "Cooperative Sector Analysis" (TL)
Year 1991 Mexico/UC-MEXUS "Mexican Contributions to World Food and Agriculture"(PI)
Spring 1991 Guatemala/USAID "Biosphere Reserve and Conservation Project"(PI)
Summer 1989 Honduras/USAID "Cooperatives and Small Farmer Credit Systems" (C)
Fall 1988 Ecuador/USAID "Conservation Practices of Peasant Farmers" (C)
Summer 1985 Panama/USAID "Agricultural Technology and Transfer Systems" (TL)
Year1984 Mexico/Stanford University "Linking Peasants and Research"(PI)
1981-1983 Egypt/USAID-UCD "Assessment of Agricultural Cooperatives" (PI)
Fall 1983 Peru/USAID "Assessment of Agribusiness Development Projects" (C)
Fall 1982 El Salvador/USAID "Impacts of Agrarian Reform"(PI)
Winter 1980 Barbados, Antigua, St.Vincent, St.Lucia, Montserrat, Dominica/USAID/Caribbean Development Bank "Agribusiness Investments" (TL)
Winter 1979 Barbados, Antigua, St.Vincent, St.Lucia, Montserrat, Dominica/ USAID "Inter-island Export Production and Marketing" (TL)
Fall 1978 Pakistan/USAID/OECD "Increasing Small Farmer Productivity"(PI)
Summer 1978 Peru/USAID "The Effectiveness of Research and Extension"(TL)
Winter 1976 Pakistan/USAID/Stanford "Plan for a Small Farmer Communication Center"(C)
1973-1975 Colombia/Ford Foundation "Integrated Rural Development"(PI)
1969-1971 Bangladesh and Pakistan/Ford Foundation, "Small Farmers and Diffusion of Innovations." Included data gathering in Thailand and Philippines.
1962-64 Colombia/ Peace Corps Volunteer Leader "Community Development."
• Agrarian Reform in El Salvador, Jan. 1983, John Strasma, Peter Gore, Jeffrey Nash & Refugio I. Rochin, 127 USAID – No. 127, U.S. Department of State, Distributed by Checchi and Co., Washington, D.C. See reference in Richard F. Klawiter, “The Campesino Struggle in El Salvador and a Vision of Community-Based Lawyering, Stanford Law Review, 1990.
• Accrediting Agribusiness Through the Central Bank Fund: Peru, November, 1983, Distributed by Development Alternatives, Washington, D.C., Rochin, Chief of Party.
• Agricultural Technology Generation and Transfer, Private and Public Sector Roles: Panama, October 1985, U.S. Agency for International Development/Panama. Rochin, Chief of Party
• Community Land Use Project Evaluation: Ecuador, November, 1988, Tropical Research and Development, Inc., Gainesville, Florida. For CARE International programs.
• The Small Farmer Cooperative and Credit Strengthening Project: Honduras, October 1989, Distributed by the Interamerican Management Consulting Corporation, Arlington, Virginia.
• The Biosphere Reserve and Conservation Project: Guatemala, July 1991, Distributed by DESFIL-Development Strategies for Fragile Lands, Bethesda, Maryland.
• Evaluation of Cooperative Sector Projects: West Bank/Gaza, October 1992, Prepared by DEVRES, Inc. Bethesda, Maryland. Rochin, Chief of Party, for U.S. Department of State.
• Agri-Food Systems in Entre Rios, Argentina: Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities¸ 1997 - 1998, Michigan State University, Distributed by CMS Energy of Michigan, Jackson.


Present Professor Emeritus, UC Davis, University of California, Davis
Present Research and Evaluation, UC Santa Cruz, Retired Director

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

U.S. Latino Communities, Migrants and Demographic Transformations of Communities and International Rural Community Development, Peasant Systems and Survival Tactics

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Honors and Awards

  • "Doctor of Humane Letters" Northeastern University
  • Hispanic Business "Nation's Top 100 Influentials"
  • President's Commencement Speaker CSU - San Bernardino

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