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Reconceptualising fear in young children
Australian Research in Early Childhood Education (2003)
  • Reesa Sorin, James Cook University

This paper is based on research with preschool-aged children, their parents and their caregivers about the fears they experience and how these fears are addressed, both in the home and in the preschool. Participants were asked to identify the fears experienced by the children in the study, based on Ollendick's Fear Survey Schedule for Children and Spence's Measure of Anxiety Symptoms in Preschoolers. From their responses and the researcher's observations, current fear categories are challenged. Early childhood fear has been reconceptualised into the following categories: Fear of Separation from the Attachment Figure; Fear of the Unknown; Fear of Being Harmed; Fear of Failure; Criticism and Embarrassment; Fear of Insects or Animals; and Fear of the Intangible.

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Reesa Sorin. "Reconceptualising fear in young children" Australian Research in Early Childhood Education Vol. 10 Iss. 1 (2003)
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