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Constructs of childhood: Constructs of self
Children Australia (2006)
  • Greta Galloway
  • Reesa Sorin, James Cook University

Notions of childhood have been debated through time and place. This paper works from the understanding of childhood as an adult imposed, socially constructed and culturally transmitted concept. This paper provides a typology of ten ways in which adults construct children and childhood. The authors assert that in the process of defining children, adults necessarily and simultaneously define their own position/s in relation to children. Thus for each of the ten constructs of childhood, the authors present ten types of relationship adults consciously or unconsciously impose upon themsleves when they work from these constructions. The authors intend that the typology presented creates a beginning tool for conscious, critical reflection of how we are perceiving children and how this perception may drive our work and relationships with them. It may also provide a reflective tool for imagining working differently with children in ways which better serve them (and us!).

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Greta Galloway and Reesa Sorin. "Constructs of childhood: Constructs of self" Children Australia Vol. 31 Iss. 2 (2006)
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